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Financial Times 10 December 2019

Claire Enders was quoted in the Financial Times on Boris Johnson fires shot at BBC with hint at scrapping licence fee. Claire said “We have never had a prime minister who referred to the BBC like that."

IBC 5 December 2019

Julian Aquilina was quoted in IBC on Can Amazon deliver a Premier football experience? Julian explains that Amazon is delivering individual streams to each connected device, as opposed to transmitting a single broadcast signal which everyone receives in the same way. “Of all TV genres, sport is the one where people are least tolerant to connection issues. A high-quality feed greatly enhances the viewing experience – particularly for fast-moving games.”

He added that “Unless the economics of their businesses change in a significant way, Amazon and Facebook are not in a position to challenge for premium sports rights. You still need the reach of broadcast TV platforms to make live sports work because live sport is incredibly expensive.”

IBC 5 December 2019

Tom Harrington was quoted in IBC on HBO Max: Too late to the streaming party? Tom said "The greater variety and quality of services from new platforms like HBO Max will likely increase the average number of subscriptions (which currently stands at less than one per household in the UK). However, given Netflix’s incumbency, library and distribution." Tom believes new entrants will battle for a supplementary role.

Financial Times 2 December 2019

Claire Enders was quoted in the Financial Times on Silver Lake’s journey: ugly tech to the beautiful game. Claire said “We definitely see global super premium football rights values rising gently but surely, [Sports] franchises are valuable. Live rights even more so.”

Les Echos 2 December 2019

Francois Godard was quoted in Les Echos on In France, the rights of football make resistance. Francois said  "Orange, Telefonica, BT, and now SFR no longer need notoriety or give an intangible value to their brand."

The Times 2 December 2019

Jamie MacEwan was quoted in the Sunday Times on TikTok's growing pains: Jamie said “After hundreds of millions of dollars spent marketing the app worldwide, TikTok still lags Snapchat and Instagram in the UK. It needs to expand its appeal beyond the core teen audience to keep growing."

Bloomberg 2 December 2019

Francois Godard was quoted in Bloomberg on Canal+, BeIN Win French Champions League Soccer Rights. Francois said "Altice has changed its approach to content rights after it stopped losing French subscribers to rivals, so has less need to prolong its investment in the Champions League." 

The Telegraph 27 November 2019

Sanchit Jain was quoted in The Telegraph on Amazon quietly ends 'scary' free sample programme that picked products based on your purchase history. Sanchit said "Amazon promised or advertised to customers that they were likely to receive products from larger brands, but the reality [seems to be] that they were cheaper off-market brands. Amazon likely reached out to some suppliers who were cheap but not-yet high volume sellers, supplying smaller items such as charging cables, and then encouraged the recipients to rate these products and boost these sellers on marketplace. This once again raises the issue of quality versus quantity, and the lack of responsibility that Amazon takes with regards to the products it offers. The programme offered low-quality sellers a way to rise quickly through the ranks, without having to establish the same 'quality standard' through earning 'legitimate' customer reviews."

The Telegraph 26 November 2019

Thomas Thomson was quoted in The Telegraph on The streaming service you’ve never heard of aiming to be the ‘Netflix of sport. Thomas said “The real litmus test of their credibility as a product will be the NFL rights auction." Analysts say there is a path to profitability, albeit a challenging one. Thomas added that “It is not clear how much loss-making Blavatnik will stomach." 

WirtschaftsWoche 25 November 2019

Francois Godard was quoted in WirtschaftsWoche on Plant Berlusconi junior the acquisition of ProSiebenSat.1? Francois said "Mediaset has so far not even managed to leverage significant synergies between the holdings in Spain and Italy."

Francois is all the more skeptical about the idea of bringing ProSiebenSat.1 under the roof: "Why should they succeed in doing so with a completely different TV market like Germany?"

The Telegraph 25 November 2019

Sanchit Jain was quoted in The Telegraph on Amazon battles fake goods glut as Black Friday nears. Sanchit said "Large brands have kind of reached their limit with these issues. At the end of the day they’re the ones suffering from a loss of reputation. If a shoe breaks, the customer holds Nike responsible, even though Nike had nothing to do with that." 

He added that counterfeiters sometimes hijack brand registry by pretending that they are the vendor and changing the email address. Worse, Sanchit explains, vendors who pay Amazon to handle deliveries for them – something they are heavily incentivised to do so – are by default opted into “commingling”, a policy by which Amazon sometimes replaces an order from one vendor with an order from another so as to meet its own merciless delivery deadlines.

Les Echos 25 November 2019

Francois Godard was quoted in Les Echos on Vivendi ready to draw a line on his adventure Mediaset. Francois said "The Berlusconi family needs to tell a story to the markets, even though this MFE project is skeptical given the lack of synergies in a still fragmented European TV market. He's going to want another fixture for MFE himself too, or to bet his lack of power against Fininvest."

Broadcast 20 November 2019

Claire Enders was quoted in Broadcast on Gordon Brown in battle for over-75s. Claire said “Jeremy Wright was especially keen on Gordon’s plan; he was sympathetic. There was a moment when we felt like everybody was sympathetic but Mrs May began to get shirty and the BBC always expected too much. It expected the government to say ‘OK, this was a cock-up’ but that was never going to happen.”

She added that Johnson’s staff and ministers generally take a less favourable view of the BBC. “Boris has called the BBC the Brexit Bashing Corporation and is very cognisant of the fact that lots of Brexit Party members want to see an end to the BBC."

“The BBC is praying for a happy outcome at the General Election. I don’t know how the situation would be advanced in the case of a hung parliament, but if the Tories or Labour get a majority, this could be an opportunity to sort something out quickly and reverse the requirement.”

Bloomberg Quint 18 November 2019

James Barford was quoted in Bloomberg Quint on BT Fends Off Sky to Keep Champions League Soccer, at a Price. James said ”It is disappointing from BT shareholders’ point of view that they were not able to get a reduction, given the likely lack of serious price competition from Sky, ITV and anybody else." 

Deadline 18 November 2019

Tom Harrington was quoted in Deadline on The Trouble With BritBox, Britain’s New Weapon In The Streaming Wars. Tom said “The problems are obvious. Major shows are still available on other streaming services. If you want to watch Downton Abbey, it’s on ITV3 and is not hard to find online. Over time this will be ironed out, but at the moment they want people to pay for stuff that’s readily available elsewhere.”

Tom added that a low-key originals strategy is smart as BritBox finds its place in the market. “It’s modest, which is a good thing. If you spend a lot of money, you risk losing a lot of money."

The Hollywood Reporter 18 November 2019

Francois Godard was quoted in The Hollywood Reporter on Why Mediaset Upped Its Stake in ProSiebenSat.1, but Ruled Out a Full Takeover. Francois said “If it is their corporate strategy, it's not well thought out. Mediaset has not been able to create meaningful synergies, neither in programs nor in advertising, between its TV operations in Spain and Italy, despite the markets being quite close culturally, so why would they manage to do that with the very different TV market in Germany?”

He added that “There's a good reason why British and French broadcasters are pulling together on the digital side, because they share an ecosystem, they share an audience and they share an advertising market. They are trying to migrate their competitive advantage on live TV —where they traditionally dominate — into the digital world. But there is no pan-European audience and no pan-European advertising market. It doesn't exist.”

The Telegraph 15 November 2019

Tom Harrington was quoted in The Telegraph on Disney+ lures 10m subscribers a day after launch. Tom said “It’s certainly a healthy start to Disney+’s quest for scale at all costs. But there are unresolved lumpy architectural issues with the service that were inevitable since Disney has never done anything like this." 

He added that hiccups in the servie ran the risk of early subscribers taking the view that “Netflix works better." 

IBC 13 November 2019

Tom Harrington was quoted in IBC on Disney bets big on the streaming revolution. Tom said “If any studio is going to succeed in this transformation [to direct-to-consumer], it must be the Walt Disney Company, the only one reaching 100 million households today with its triad of video, consumer products and theme parks. Disney+ will both leverage and further cement Disney’s relationships with customers.” 

Les Echos 13 November 2019

Francois Godard was quoted in Les Echos on Streaming: will Frenchman Salto have a place in the Disney competition? Francois said "If a producer offers TF1 or M6 an exciting project, do you really think it will give priority to Salto?"

He added that "Households SVoDists have on average 1.5 subscriptions in the United Kingdom, and 1.7 in the United States, and the growth is done primarily by an increase in the number of households that by the multiplication of the subscriptions, which makes the arrival of the new more difficult."

The Guardian 11 November 2019

James Barford was quoted in The Guardian on BT on defensive as Sky prepares to bid for Champions League. James said “The Champions League matches are a core part – along with Premier League matches – of BT’s offering, and their loss would have implications for BT’s pricing across retail and wholesale, but it would be unlikely to be terminal for BT Sport."

He added that “From the perspective of BT’s shareholders, a rise in Champions League rights costs would be totally unacceptable in our view."