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Claire Enders was quoted in Campaign on Should commercial media worry about the threat to the BBC licence fee? 19 February 2020

Claire said "Yes, clearly, there are major questions swirling around the BBC licence fee and the commercial media that are supported by the advertising and subscriptions mooted to replace the licence fee. Yes, major print media allege that the BBC "crowds out" existing print websites and subscription media. But no – the upcoming public service enquiry will conclude, again, that there is barely enough advertising and subscription income in the economy to support existing commercial media and that the UK features a unique mixed ecology that causes all other media to invest more and therefore already works overwhelmingly in consumers’ interests."

Jamie MacEwan was quoted in The Telegraph on The loophole that allows Western tech giants make billions from advertising in China 18 February 2020

Jamie said Western firms “can cream off Chinese ad money without exposing themselves to the political and operational risks of running an app there”. Chinese firms get “a useful marketing channel to reach foreign consumers and change their perceptions about Chinese goods."

He added that “A full-blown trade war could lead Chinese advertisers to cut back on marketing their goods or services abroad. The platforms could also be exposed to reputational risks in any scandal around Chinese online misinformation campaigns.”

Claire Enders was quoted in CNN Business on The BBC is nearly 100 years old. Will it survive the next decade? 17 February 2020

Claire said "There is a more existential risk to the BBC now than there has been in a very long time. This is going to be some gun fight."

Francois Godard was quoted in The Times on Premflix: Premier League looks to run past TV 17 February 2020

Francois said any decision to ditch the Premier League’s existing business model would be “crazy” because Masters would “lose billions” as existing agreements were unwound: “He’d have to start afresh with nothing, no subscribers.”

He added that the operation would have to be supported by vast cloud servers. “That would be very expensive and take a long time."

Claire Enders was quoted in The Guardian on This government threatens the principle at the heart of the BBC 17 February 2020

Claire said the conditions facing the BBC are the worst in her 35 years as a media analyst. “I wouldn’t wish the DG job on my worst enemy.”

Douglas McCabe was quoted in the Financial Times on WHSmith moves Daily Telegraph from ‘news’ to ‘magazine’ section 14 February 2020

Douglas said TMG had taken some “bold decisions” recently on leaving the ABC system and putting up the cover price. “The WHSmith approach fits with the Telegraph trying some radical ideas.”

Julian Aquilina was quoted in Athletic on The Premier League will launch a Netflix-style streaming service – it’s just a matter of when and where… 13 February 2020

Julian said “I’m not really surprised the Premier League hasn’t launched its own OTT service yet. They want to expand but they won’t want to forego the large guaranteed revenues from the pay-TV companies, and live streaming is still an emerging platform. Most of the services run by rights holders aren’t publishing subscriber figures but we believe the uptake has been pretty muted for most of them.That said, I agree the market is heading in this direction. It makes sense for the Premier League to be thinking about this.”

Julian Aquilina was quoted in Les Echos on DTT very trendy among American millennials 13 February 2020

Julian said "we observe the same phenomenon of TNT progression due to 'cord-cutting', but it is less marked because the pay TV packages are cheaper than in the United States."

Sanchit Jain was quoted in The Telegraph on Amazon Choice 6 February 2020

Sanchit said “the incentive to improve seller and product ratings is immense...It places great value on customer reviews and uses them as a tool for assessing seller and product quality". He went on to say “It rewards suppliers possessing higher ratings with eligibility for services like ‘Buy Box’, ‘Subscribe and Save’ and ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’ among others, all of which can significantly improve the volume of sales.” 

But for some, the problem also lies with Amazon itself. “At the moment, simple issues like ensuring reviews are left for the product listed, or indeed that the product listing is accurate, are leaving Amazon clueless,” Enders’ Jain says. Amazon prides itself on being “customer obsessed”. Yet, for Jain, how can it do that, “and at the same time, fall at the first hurdle”?

Claire Enders was quoted in The Times on Channel 4 under Alex Mahon may need to do more than leave the bubble 3 February 2020

Claire said “Channel 4 owns its HQ in Westminster and I believe it would be right to consider moving once the out-of-London project reaches fruition. It would sell for a significant sum, perhaps even £200m.”

James Barford was quoted in The Times on Sky takes aim at ITV and Channel 5 over public service remit. 3 February 2020

James predicted a "£500m hit on top of the £500m forecast by BT last week."

Douglas McCabe was quoted in The New York Times on ‘Every Day Matters’: Guardian Stops Accepting Fossil Fuel Ads. 31 January 2020

Douglas said “The public perception has changed. They expect their cultural institutions, they expect their media, to be responsible citizens."

Predicting that other newspapers would follow The Guardian he said “There is a visibility to the issue that was not there even one year ago.

Claire Enders was quoted in the Financial Times on Tories move to decriminalise BBC licence fee evasion 31 January 2020

Claire described it as “pincer movement to cause the BBC to wither and implode."

Sanchit Jain was quoted in The Telegraph on Amazon has a plan to break onto the high street – can it succeed? 30 January 2020

Sanchit said "Physical retail is the missing jewel from Amazon’s retail crown at the moment, and with physical retailers currently weak there is perfect opportunity for Amazon to strike.[They] are really struggling to integrate online and offline successfully, and Amazon, with its logistics, existing customer relationships and broad product offering, is set to disrupt this market."

He added "Amazon has the logistic and data capabilities no other company in the world has, and these facets alone are going to put it ahead of other omnichannel retailers attempting the same thing. Also, unlike other retailers, it can afford to lose some money in the short run to ultimately profit in the long run."

Alice Pickthall was quoted in Digiday on Publishers are broadening their climate change coverage with new products 30 January 2020

Alice said “The nature of the coverage has had to shift." Bloomberg has a “compelling offering,” she noted. “If it comes to fruition, it will be an incredibly useful data source for people.”

She added “It’s easy [for publishers] to say they’ll go carbon neutral and report the issues fairly. But by still accepting advertising from big polluters, they aren’t walking the walk properly. That undermines their cause and readers are paying more attention to that.”

Tom Harrington was quoted in IBC on Analysis: Sky to seal the Disney+ deal 29 January 2020

Tom said the impact of this deal among broadcasters and pay-TV operators “hinges on whether Sky’s carriage of Disney+ is exclusive or not. Carriage of Disney+ on pay-TV platforms is an integral part of Disney’s strategy as pay-TV homes are more likely to sign up for streaming services.”

He added “To get scale fast before the streaming market settles and signing up new subscribers becomes even harder and more expensive you need carriage via pay-TV, just like Netflix has been doing for years. Sky has been losing exclusive rights to first-run Disney films due to the launch of Disney+, so given that Disney+ doesn’t look like being exclusive to Sky, Sky is losing out somewhat.”

James Barford was quoted in The Times on Huawei 29 January 2020

James Barford was quoted in The Times on We’ve never trusted Huawei but the risk is limited, says spy chief. James said that such a cap could also be damaging for the consumer. “The smallest of the four mobile operators in revenue terms is Three. It seems harsh to be disrupting the business model of a challenger in the market."

Claire Enders was quoted in The Guardian on The Guardian view on the licence fee: the BBC will not be the BBC without it 24 January 2020

Claire said  "It seeks to reflect the UK’s identity and is a vital cog in the economy. It is admired globally."

Tom Harrington was quoted in the Evening Standard on Business focus: Streaming wars shows life is tough for BBC and ITV 23 January 2020

Tom said The newcomers, late to the party, “have chosen the ‘pile ’em high, sell ’em cheap’ option to gain scale. Apple and Disney are rolling out high-profile, expensive, new content at launch to stand out and get noticed.” 

He added “But huge demand from streaming services means the cost of making shows, especially scripted drama, has skyrocketed. There’s soaring demand for talent, behind-the-camera skills, plus everything from sound stages to sets — it’s all shot up because so many programmes are being made.” 

Douglas McCabe was quoted in the Financial Times on The Athletic hits $500m valuation after latest fundraising 22 January 2020

Douglas said the Athletic differs from older digital media companies in that it comes from “A completely different era of the development of the internet. It is not about advertising or sponsorship and it is entirely about the quality rather than quantity of content, and building a niche audience rather than thinking about scale." 

He added that success will depend on sports fans making The Athletic core to their daily football news habit. “I don’t think yet that the UK launch has been a proven success, because it takes time, but they are getting quite significant support.”