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Bloomberg Businessweek 15 February 2019

Claire Enders was quoted in Bloomberg Businessweek on How the Murdoch Children Are Likely to Spend Their Disney Haul. She said “My suspicion is that James is going to be putting all his efforts into becoming one of the world’s leading tech investors. He’s very much into that milieu of super rich, super successful tech investors who care a lot about the environment.”

DIGIDAY 11 February 2019

Francois Godard was quoted in Digiday on EU copyright battle, Google challenges the will of regulators. He said “Relying on Google and digital advertising is leading them up a blind alley; this is cause to wake up. The digital advertising model doesn’t finance journalism. This is just an acceleration of the underlying existing trend.”

The Guardian 11 February 2019

Julian Aquilina was quoted in The Guardian on Is video killing the TV star? VidCon London heralds a YouTube revolution. He said "The under-16s on average spend two and a half hours a day watching some form of TV or video, and YouTube gets 45 minutes of that – a very large proportion for a single channel.”

The Guardian 8 February 2019

Gill Hind was quoted in The Guardian on Is streaming killing the radio star? She said “People are going to music streaming services and we are seeing younger people turning off the radio. But a lot of streaming is taking the place of listening to collections and CDs, not necessarily directly substituting live radio listening. Young people are still tuning in but they are listening for shorter periods each week. There are so many alternative options out there, from YouTube and gaming to Netflix and streaming music.”

The Times 4 February 2019

Julian Aquilina was quoted in The Times on Premier League on the defence, he said “When Facebook tried to buy cricket TV rights in India, it put in a huge bid and everyone thought it was really serious. It didn’t get them, but Facebook would have wanted those rights because that would have driven a huge increase in Indian users to the service. In the UK, Facebook, Netflix and Amazon don’t have this problem.”

AFP 4 February 2019

Jamies MacEwan was quoted in AFP on 'Gangster' Peppa back in China's good graces in Year of the Pig. He said "The shows have been watched around 60 billion times on the country's largest video streaming sites, including Tencent Video and iQiyi, since it first launched in China. This figure is up from 24.5 billion by May 2017, showing how China's appetite for Peppa has only increased."

The Times 4 February 2019

Joseph Evans was quoted in The Times on Get lost, Alexa: most Britons shun digital assistants over spying fears, he said “The privacy concerns stem from the fact that these devices are constantly listening out for the ‘wake’ word. You have to trust Amazon or Google will be respectful of your privacy, but also that there are no bugs in the software. We’ve seen instances of Alexa waking by mistake and recording everything that a user says.”

Financial Times 4 February 2019

Claire Enders was quoted in the Financial Times on Rupert Murdoch’s News UK takes a potshot at BBC radio, Claire said “He has an absolute ideological objection to public service broadcasting in general and the BBC in particular.” 

Financial Times 1 February 2019

Matti Littunen was quoted in the Financial Times on Facebook: false friends "Great fakes, by definition, are invisible. No one can really quantify fake Facebook accounts — advertised online at $7 per pop. Necessary privacy safeguards could foster a proliferation of fakes, by impeding online identity checks. But there will always be one metric advertisers can rely on." as Matti Littunen, of Enders Analysis, points out: "Sales directly generated by Facebook ads. If these flag, it is time to worry about fakes"

The Economist 1 February 2019

Claire Enders was quoted in The Economist discussing Has Comcast bet against technology? "Another reason for wariness is that Sky could lose much of its best content, making it harder to add pay-TV customers. That is because AT&T, owner of HBO and Warner Bros, and Disney could pull their films and tv shows by 2021 as they launch their own mini-Netflixes—or because Comcast is a competitor. But that understates the value to those firms of Sky’s distribution platform", argues Claire Enders of Enders Analysis in London. From it they can sell their new services to 24m customers."

Press Gazzette 31 January 2019

Douglas McCbe was quoted in Press Gazzette on how the Takeover of Newsquest’s US owner could create 'consolidation opportunity' for regional publishers in UK. He said, “A substantial proportion of the [UK’s] local press will be in the hands of hedge funds if this deal goes through. Both portfolios generally create decent cashflow and have decent margins, but they are not yet stable, with so much local and small business marketing expenditure flowing to the tech giants."

The Telegraph 31 January 2019

Douglas McCabe was quoted in The Telegraph on how Buzzfeed was sold as a tech company but turned out to be just another media company, he said “A media investor would look at Buzzfeed’s performance 2016 to 2017 and see excellent revenue growth, and very good profit management, but that’s not how a tech investor would look at it., a tech company has zero or near-zero content costs and so a massive increase in traffic and revenue will tend to deliver very much greater profits.”

Les Echos 29 January 2019

Francois Godard was quoted in Les Echos on Telecom Italia: Vivendi attempts blitz against Elliott fund, he said "The forces that want to split TIM's fixed network (Netco) - that is to say Elliott, for financial reasons, the authorities for ideological reasons of nationalization and the shareholders of Open Fiber, who want to limit their losses - are not able to."

Digiday 28 January 2019

Douglas McCabe was quoted in DIGIDAY on Conde Nast International goes B2B with Vogue Business. Douglas said “Vogue is a great example of a brand that hangs very lucratively between B2C and B2B. “Its circulation has never been huge, but its target buyer is extraordinarily attractive for advertisers, who are speaking to wealthy consumers of course, but they are also creatively and forcefully messaging each other and the industry as a whole.”

The Times 28 January 2019

Douglas McCabe was quoted in The Times on the Buzzfeed and Huffpost owner cutting jobs after to losing out to tech giants. Douglas said “Tech stocks have zero or near zero content costs, which is what makes them so appealing. But businesses with journalists and producers do not scale in the same way,” 

DIGIDAY 23 January 2019

Francois Godard was quoted in DIGIDAY on How Le Monde site tweaks helped increase subscriptions by 20 percent in 2018, he said “As a general rule of thumb, the natural ceiling for digital subscriptions would be the circulation at its highest. For Le Monde, that’s just over 400,000,”

BNN Bloomberg 22 January 2019

Francois Godard was quoted in BNN Bloomberg on Google considering pulling news service from Europe, "I don’t buy the threat - they really need Europe,” said François Godard, a European media analyst at research firm Enders Analysis. “It’s up to Google to come up with a responsible solution. I’m not that worried - these people are very bright."

DIGIDAY 21 January 2019

Douglas McCabe was quoted in DIGIDAY on How News UK is remaking its ad sales organization to drive integration, “Businesses that focus on monetizing users through digital advertising might see some benefit, but it will be much more limited,” McCabe said. “For too long, some publishers have been in denial that the former strategy must to some degree preclude the latter. What’s encouraging is that publishers seem now to have crossed that line.”

Money Week 21 January 2019

Tom Harrington was quoted in Money Week on Netlix, Has it won the battle for your televison screen, he said  “The amount of content it is commissioning and producing is getting larger and larger – and a lot of that is localised content,” 

The Telegraph 15 January 2019

Douglas McCabe was quoted in The Telegraph on 'Vulture' hedge fund makes hostile bid for owner of local newspaper publisher newsquest. Douglas McCabe, chief executive of Enders Analysis, warned that despite continued cash generation and "decent margins", many local newspaper publishers "have already pared back costs about as far as they can reasonably go".He said that the "explosion of small and local company advertising on Facebook since about 2014 has indefinitely delayed stabilisation" and that new sources of funding were a "critical requirement for the sustainability of the sector".