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BBC News 18 April 2019

Tom Harrington was quoted in BBC News on Netflix to trial showing top 10 lists to UK users. He said "The point of the release of this data isn't for granular understanding as to what people are actually watching on the service, it is for promotional purposes. Given its escalating spend on original content, Netflix is always keen to push the narrative that originals are what drive the service. The list will disguise what is actually watched on the service, which is predominantly acquired content. It will likely be dominated by newly-released originals, the demand for which often quickly declines soon after release."

The Hollywood Reporter 16 April 2019

Claire Enders was quoted in The Hollywood Reporter on James Murdoch, Adrift From Fox and Disney, Plots an Independent Future. She said "The focus in his life is building things. He has built Sky, he has built a number of investments through to scale, and investing without any role at the family company means "he can do his own thing and express himself in his own way."

Digiday 16 April 2019

Alice pickthall was quoted in Digiday on UK publishers turn to women's sports as untapped growth area. She said "That inconsistent coverage makes normalizing women’s sport difficult, these new ventures by The Telegraph and others demonstrate an important shift in thinking. Not only that, but being ahead could be a useful way for a publisher to differentiate. So far, no major U.K. [traditional] publisher has a dedicated landing page for women’s sport, and as a result The Telegraph ranks first on Google, so there is certainly a first-mover advantage.” 

Financial Times 11 April 2019

Tom Harrington was quoted in the Financial Times on The race to make the next ‘Game of Thrones' He said “If you are global and you can get people to watch the first episode on a global distribution network, you can give it massive prominence. If they want to make it a hit they can probably make it a hit . . . They can put it at the top of the user interface and force it down your throat.”

Variety 9 April 2019

Julian Aquilina was quoted in Variety on How High-End Series Attract Millennial Viewers, Even on Linear TV. He said ‘"Game of Thrones is a global phenomenon with youth audience on linear TV, every time it returns, the show gets bigger and bigger. Clearly with the right shows you can still attract young audiences. It’s just that a lot more of those shows are being bought up by SVOD services.”

Les Echos 9 April 2019

Tom Harrington was quoted in Les Echos on TVs test new broadcasting methods - In order not to lose the fans of series, especially the young ones, the televisions put all the episodes at the same time on their platform. With the risk of weakening their antenna. He said "The phenomenon has been growing in the UK since the summer, however this pre-broadcast is only at the stage of experimentation."

Variety 8 April 2019

Francois Godard was quoted in Variety on French TV Producers Will Make Dramatic Entrance at MIP. He said “The main channels used to program a lot of French cinema, but [today] French cinema has more narrow appeal than before, so they had to look at other program genres, and they were forced to give more prominence to series.“There’s a historical barrier between the worlds of TV production and film production, and this barrier — as in the U.S. — is a bit more porous now. It’s more accepted and common to have film actors and film directors doing series, and in France that helps.” 

DIGIDAY 4 April 2019

Douglas McCabe was quoted on  the new strategic goal of Guardian News and Media to double its paying memberships to 2 million within the next three years. “There is no reason why they cannot reach 2 million and beyond,” “It needs to set tough goals, like achieving 97% retention of subscribers who stick around for 3-plus years,” he said. “Journalists, not just commercial teams, should be incentivized to achieve these numbers. Second, the level of sophistication with which the company tracks, analyses and develops". 

The Hollywood Reporter 3 April 2019

Claire Enders was quoted in The Hollywood Reporter on Netflix competition. "It's a replay of Game of Thrones, a fight for a global SVOD empire," says Claire Enders of U.K.-based Enders Analysis. None of the new Netflix competitors has dragons or white walkers to bring to the battle, but what's at stake is no fantasy. The European SVOD market was worth $6 billion in 2018, according to a recent study by Kagan Research. Kagan is forecasting that the European market will be worth nearly $7 billion by 2022, with more than 60 million SVOD subscribers, up from 45 million in 2018. Brit-based analysts Digital TV Research forecast that the Asia Pacific SVOD market will triple in the next four years to $15 billion by 2023.  

DIGIDAY 2 April 2019

Douglas McCabe was quoted in Digiday on 'Long-term planning': The Financial Times now has 1m paying readers. He said “That’s what long-term planning and long-term investment looks like,” Of all the businesses we have spoken to, the FT has the closest to what I would call a ‘first principles’ approach. They do not employ hundreds of people on the subscription funnel, but they do have a very clear strategic framework and clear decision-making criteria for understanding trade-offs.”

The Economist 29 March 2019

Francois Godard was quoted in The Economist on Elliott and Vivendi fight over Telecom Italia. He said "They are “Wall Street style” encounters. Elliott has labelled Vivendi “a profoundly negative and harmful nuisance for the company”. Vivendi called Elliott an “unethical activist fund”, accusing it of “deceiving investors in many ways”. 

The Telegraph 25 March 2019

Matti Littunen was quoted in The Telegraph on Sir Martin Sorrell returns with 'faster, better, cheaper' ad company. But can he compete with the giants? He agreed that "S4’s nimbler model specifically avoids the legacy challenges that applied to WPP."

The Times 25 March 2019

Tom Harrington was quoted in The Times on Apple takes on Netflix: how the iPhone giant plans to carve out a piece of the streaming TV market. He said “Jay Hunt has been telling producers to be conscious of the Apple brand —they want high quality, but not risqué content. She’s been saying it’ll be like public-service broadcasting for the world, but not huge volume. It’s definitely not creating a new Netflix. They’re spending $1bn, which is a lot — but, compared to Netflix’s $12bn, not spectacular.”

TVB EUROPE 21 March 2019

Alice Enders was qoted in TVB EUROPE on ‘Disney is no Netflix’ despite Fox acquisition. She said  “It begs the question of how a big player is conceived these days. Is it by total revenue? By the strength of the catalogue and the pipeline of new releases? Certainly Disney is the single largest in children’s entertainment as it always has been. But acquiring Fox does not turn it into the adult entertainment juggernaut that is Warner Bros. Or are you aiming for the Netflix question: the power today is in direct to consumer relationships, allowing the company to hoover up data, refine creative strategy etc. In the latter case, Disney is no Netflix, but Disney needed Fox to some degree to launch a competitor service that has a chance to succeed in the US."

Financial Times 19 March 2019

Francois Godard was quoted in Financial Times on Battle for future of France’s Le Monde paper. He said “I’m very suspicious of a foreign billionaire trying to get a foothold in the western establishment through the ownership of media, especially through a newspaper such as Le Monde, which sets the tone and agenda of news in France and beyond."

PR Week 15 March 2019

Claire Enders was quoted in PR Week on The battle to reverse WPP's dramatic decline. She said "It has been a hair-raising year for WPP. You cannot underestimate the difficulties in transitioning the company from a founder-manager to a very different management style. Martin hired good people."

Campaign 13 March 2019

Andrew McIntosh was quoted in Campaign on Is the decline in young TV audiences accelerating? He said "Commercial impacts are slipping off Barb’s public radar into less-visible realms: unpublished BVOD impressions are rising fast. While alarming, 16-34 impacts are declining from very high bases. They will reduce further, but we don’t expect an acceleration because unengaged viewing was probably culled first, and quickly. TV is transitioning from omnipresence to prevalence; from mass market to most market. CPTs are rising as a result of lower impacts but TV advertising has been relatively cheap for decades, in fairness. If advertisers value TV (which they should, given its quality environment, cover, simultaneous reach, effectiveness and brand safety), they might need to adjust their budgets. The best solution, as ever, is to follow eyeballs. This means sticking with linear TV, buying it ever better, and using on-demand too."

Les Echos 12 March 2019

Francois Godard was quoted in Les Echos on Telecom Italia: Elliott and Vivendi do not save any more. He said "For the CDP, the question will be who Elliott or Vivendi offers the best exit for its investments in Open Fiber, a broadband network in which it has invested a lot.The advantage is this time at Vivendi. He may suggest that he push for TIM to buy Open Fiber with acceptable financial terms for both parties. Elliott, he may propose to marry Open Fiber to Netco, fixed network TIM he wants from the group, and the initial public offering or offer it to investment groups in unlisted, but c is more uncertain and does not depend on him alone."

talkRadio 4 March 2019

Julian Aquilina appeared on talkRadio to discuss BritBox

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Variety 1 March 2019

Francois Godard was quoted in Variety on International TV Newswire: DAZN Dazzles, but Can It Work? He said “The market for broadcasting top-notch sporting events, which means soccer in Europe, and national leagues, looks like one where the winner takes all, because the winner creates synergies bundling [sports] with entertainment content and sustaining the interest of the whole family,”