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BBC World News 16 August 2018

Jamie MacEwan appeared on BBC World News to discuss Tencent's Q2 2018 results.  Jamie said although the decline in profits is unexpected “the days leading up to this announcement the markets were starting to believe that profits would not be as high as expected and this comes at a time of a softening mobiles games market in China. Part of this has to do with regulation, the Chinese government fused its games regulators in March 2018 and this means the pipeline for new games has been blocked so unfortunately Tencent cannot refresh those mobile games that have been driving its profit in recent years”

The Guardian 13 August 2018

Douglas McCabe was quoted in The Guardian on the relaunch of Interview magazine. Douglas said “In the magazine sector as a whole there has been enormous over-supply problem, and why we’ve seen such a car crash in the middle market where advertising has practically collapsed...But high-end magazines with a commitment to high-end editorial values, well-heeled demographics and a high-end supply of advertising have been living in a much less volatile market.” 

Bloomberg News 9 August 2018

Alice Enders appeared on Bloomberg News to discuss Fox results and the battle for Sky. Alice said “The stand out is how well the cable programming network did with 60% of Fox revenues and the centre of profitability. These “New Fox assets” won’t transfer to Disney, but Fox brings filmed entertainment as well as 39.1% of Sky, the number one Pay-TV business in Europe to Disney, 2019 is about a direct to home offer”

MailOnline 8 August 2018

James Barford was quoted in the MailOnline on the fact one in ten homes in the UK are still not connected to the internet, with less than two thirds of over 65s online. James said "It's very much an age thing,' he added. 'As with most new technologies, older people have been slower to adopt. It is a question of choice – some people aren't yet interested."

BBC World Service 7 August 2018

Tom Harrington appeared on BBC World Service to discuss Disney's new streaming service. Tom said when the Disney Fox deal goes through it will change the landscape for film and TV. "This is an amalgamation of great proportions. These two power houses coming together, that's 50% of the US Box Office, it's a massive share of TV viewing especially amongst the youth in the US. Disney's first stand aloneservice will be targeting families so they can feasibly sit side by side with Netflix. With other services creating an ecosystem such as sports packages, they can create a bundle which can get into every home including those who may not have considered streaming videos before"

BBC News 7 August 2018

Tom Harrington was quoted by BBC News on how the use of commercial video streaming services has surged ahead in Great Britain, according to official figures.Tom said "If you look at the breakdown of who is using these services, it's starting to bleed outside the younger tech-savvy audiences and getting traction among older groups as well."You can see that reflected in the types of programming being made available, with Netflix and others commissioning original shows pitched at more mature audiences."

Campaign 6 August 2018

Matti Littunen was quoted in Campaign on the sudden flurry of ad agency reshuffles and departures. He said that “Some restructuring at WPP agencies, including changing of the guard, was inevitable after Martin Sorrell's departure. Indeed, some of it would have likely happened even had he stayed on, such is the pressure on the holding group model." He believes that creative agencies, such as Ogilvy, have taken a back seat in the holding group model as media agencies took over much of the strategic planning for client accounts. Matti also told Campaign that consulting is going to be the way forward for the industry. “Professional services firms have gradually expanded their offering to advertising services, increasingly taking away agency business," he said. "Leo Rayman's move is yet another indication that WPP intends to meet this challenge by going in the opposite direction, by expanding further into professional services, but also that they see creative as a key differentiator in doing so."

Variety 3 August 2018

Francois Godard was quoted in Variety on Vivendi’s plan to sell half of Universal Music Group. In the first half of 2018 UMG accounted for nearly 70% of Vivendi’s income. However, as Francois explains, Vivendi have struggled to form synergies between UMG and its other companies, Canal Plus Group and Daily motion. He said that “Vivendi has been looking for ways to make some profit off of UMG for some time – it previously considered an IPO,” Godard said. “I see this sale of 50% as the first step. The second will probably be the sale of the other half UMG.”

The Independent 3 August 2018

Alice Enders was quoted in The Independent on the Today programme’s loss of 800,000 listeners since 2017. Alice advised caution comparing today’s figures with last year’s, as the General Election and Grenfell fire increased public news interest. However, she suggested “The Today programme may have been particularly vulnerable to some of the fall-out from the BBC presenters’ gender disparity controversy. The audience may have been affected by some of the BBC presenter issues – the issue of the conversation [between Humphrys and Sopel]. I can’t tell you why there has been that level of defection, except to say it is an eye-popping number, but it’s possible that people all of a sudden may associate someone like John Humphrys with being not exactly in the right mindset. He made some ill-advised comments about the gender pay gap, which in my case would have been sufficient for me to turn off the programme forever.” The drop in listeners coincides with the appointment of Sarah Sands as editor, and critics have argued that the popular culture and fashion features she has integrated into the program are to blame. Alice said that “I can well imagine that the knives will be out, but the BBC cannot be preserved in aspic for crying out loud.  It needs to be refreshed. It’s really important for the BBC to experiment in topics that are known to interest a wide variety of audiences. I consider that experimentation to be overdue.”

The International Business Times 2 August 2018

Alice Enders was quoted in The International Business Times on the impact the Queen’s death would have on advertising. "If the event is joyful, like a royal wedding, it's a boon for audiences and the advertisers that buy slots," she said. "If the event is sombre, it will cut out advertising as it's very hard to strike the right note. And audiences don't like interruptions anyway in these ceremonies."

BBC News 2 August 2018

Tom Harrington was quoted in BBC news on Love Island. "Everyone is trying to emulate the success of Love Island" he said, but coming up with a hit format is one of the hardest tasks in television: "It's like alchemy." It's also impossible to say exactly why the show has become a must-watch for the 16 to 34 age group, he added.

Wired 1 August 2018

Tom Harrington was quoted in Wired on the BBC’s bid to compete with Netflix by reinventing iPlayer. "It was way ahead of everything else," said Tom. "It has really plateaued as a result of it being a catchup service rather than one where you can get full series of television shows. They're worried about iPlayer and understandably obsessed with declining viewership numbers for younger people. They want to transform it from a pure catchup service to a service that people go to and browse for content.” However, “the immediate problem of transitioning a bolstered iPlayer into a competitive offering is that the added cost of purchasing or retaining additional rights to make the platform desirable to viewers will cut into content expenditure across the board."

Wired 27 July 2018

Joseph Evans was quoted in Wired on Facebook’s poor financial results. “Facebook has always grown very fast, so it’s feasible they’re slowing to the level of growth you’d expect from a mature company,” says digital media analyst Joseph Evans. “The company’s problem is that Google – which is larger and more mature – posted strong growth. We’d need to see a couple more quarters to be sure.” However, “Facebook’s monetisation levels outside the US and Canada are very low,” he explains. “True, if they can reverse that, they can manage revenue growth. Perhaps a larger concern is that, having pushed a lot of ad inventory to video, the company is reliant on increasingly restive larger brands for revenue growth – and we’d expect forceful advertiser intervention into the online video market shortly as it tries to find a common metric across on and offline.”

Campaign 26 July 2018

Claire Enders was quoted in Campaign on the success of the NSPCC dinner which raised  £12.5m for NSPCC and Childline. Claire Enders has described UK media industry leaders as "titans of TMT" for raising £12.5m for NSPCC and its helpline Childline over the last decade.

Press Gazette 26 July 2018

Douglas McCabe was quoted in Press Gazette on The Peckham Peculiar print launch. He said: “What you are finding, popping up all over the country are small businesses that are very, very focussed on the local community. They are drawing a certain amount of audience. But for publishers, commercial publishers trying to run a local service, in reality, it is a much harder challenge. They have to look at larger geographic spaces.”  

Digiday UK 18 July 2018

Tom Harrington was quoted in Digiday UK on Netflix subscription targets. Netflix missed its global subscriber targets by over a million, spooking the market into thinking growth has plateaued and sending share prices falling. The streaming service still added a healthy 5.2 million, the same as it added during the second quarter last year, indicating it is nearing saturation point. To keep up growth, Netflix needs to focus on international markets.“Subscription additions internationally is where the focus is; it has to be,” said Tom Harrington, senior analyst at Enders Analysis. “But that’s expensive and a lot more work to continually expand, even though the potential size of other regions are astronomical. TV is such a local market, to continually get subscription growth and keep spending that amount on content will be hard.”

Variety 18 July 2018

François Godard was quoted in Variety on the enduring power of linear TV when it comes to broadcasting live events. “The takeaway from this World Cup is that the power of linear TV to reach millions of people with live events can’t be matched by Netflix and other streaming services,” said François Godard at Enders Analysis.

Wired 16 July 2018

Matti Littunen was quoted in Wired regarding Amazon's biggest annual sales event, Prime Day, which starts on July 16 at 12:00 BST. What was designed to drum up business during the summer lull and steal some of the thunder from Black Friday – “mission accomplished,” says Matti Littunen from Enders Analysis. It’s been ‘anniversaried’ ever since, quickly becoming the e-shopping giant’s largest annual trading event, easily surpassing Black Friday and the pre-Christmas Cyber Monday.

The Daily Mail 11 July 2018

Douglas McCabe was quoted in an article on Martin Sorrel’s procurement of Mediamonks. The deal has taken place despite warnings from Sorrel’s former employer WPP, that it breaches confidentially agreements and disentitles him to £20 million in share awards. Douglas noted that Sorrell will be 'very happy with this acquisition and there will likely be a lot of annoyed people at WPP.'

iNews 6 July 2018

Julian Aquilina was quoted in an article on the anticipated viewing figures for England’s World Cup quarter-final against Sweden. 24.4m people tuned into ITV for England’s last-sixteen against Columbia. Julian remarked that “these are very, very big numbers, figures that are not far off the top TV programmes ever, so in that sense it is particularly surprising. It shows that people still love these really big live events that bring shared experiences and there’s nothing quite like the World Cup to bring the whole nation together. When it comes to Sweden people will want to be part of that,” and viewing figures may rise. Julian said “It’s on at the weekend, it’s in the middle of the day, and while that could mean figures go either way, people are more likely to be at home to turn the football on.”